Many people take various supplements to be healthier. Do supplements actually increase health and prevent disease?

The real question should be: Are you using herbs or vitamins as a shortcut instead of maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and maintaining good habits? Unfortunately, most people do use supplementation as a means to make up for not living a healthy lifestyle. There is no evidence demonstrating that you can live a sloppy lifestyle and make up for it by using the newest fad supplement or herbal remedy.

Preventive Health Initiative takes the position that herbal and vitamin supplementation should be used only after giving attention to changing detrimental lifestyle habits first or in cases in which vitamin supplementation is needed when prescription medication or disease causes deficiencies. Unfortunately, advertisers give people the impression that by simply swallowing what they offer, health will be magically obtained. This is an easy sell as these product manufacturers make billions of dollars by proclaiming remedies for any and all ailments. Examples include advertisers who proclaim that their diet pills will help you lose weight while continuing to eat what you want, not exercise at all, and generally do whatever you'd like. If this were true, over two thirds of Americans would not be overweight or obese.

The truth is that with a few simple behavioral habit changes, health is readily obtainable. Listen to your doctor and not to advertisers trying to sell you something!


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