All services provided are eligible for Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account reimbursement.  These HSA or FSA accounts are usually provided by your employer to help cover medical expenses.   Preventive Health's Physical / Musculoskeletal Health service is directly covered by your health insurance.  Preventive Health currently maintains in-network status with Aetna, United Healthcare, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield P network & Blue Card, and some additional insurance plans.  

In some cases, we may be able to obtain insurance coverage for our Health Management and Exercise Education / Instruction services, but this is usually determined by your insurance company nurse on a case by case basis. It may also be possible for Veterans receiving care from a VA Medical Center to obtain authorization for participation in our preventive health services. 

To ensure the greatest chance for success, we strongly recommend long term participation but we also provide single visit fees for those who simply need short-term help with diet & exercise planning, education, or time management.  Discounted fees are available.  Please contact us to determine if you may be eligible for a significant discount on the listed service fees.

Fee Schedule

* Lower fees available based on income / need.  Additional discounts are also provided for long term program participation.

Single Visit Fees:

Initial visit  - $275   (1 – 1.5 hours;  health professional administered)
(includes exam, dietary assessment, exercise assessment, time management/lifestyle assessment, and habit change planning)

Counseling - $100   (30 – 60 minutes;  health professional administered)
(additional office counseling visits for ongoing assessment, planning, and support)

Personal Exercise Instruction -  (health professional or exercise education specialist administered)         
$75     (45-60 minutes;  Location: regional fitness facility)
$125   (45-75 minutes;  Location: client home / other)

* Exercise instruction will be provided based on the exercise plan develped by a health professional at your initial office visit and will focus on client education, proper form & technique, and may also address current and past pain and injuries including neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder/knee or other issues.

* Physical / Musculoskeletal Health Services may be covered by your health insurance and fees will be determined by your insurance company negotiated fee schedule.

Monthly Fee option:   strongly encouraged to obtain optimum results.  Initial visit is required to get started.

* Custom designed based on client need & budget.  Duration may vary – monthly, 3 month, 6 month, or yearly with discounts based on prepayment.  Options include varying number of office support visits and personal exercise instruction visits.  Additional discounts are available for families or 2 or more clients sharing counseling or personal exercise instruction visits.  For pediatric clients, the entire family is strongly encouraged to take part in the program for best results.