Preventive Health Initiative's efforts are dedicated to one goal - helping people get healthy.  We take a different approach from the standard of providing education and counseling.  Education and counseling have not worked for the majority of the US population as demonstrated by the ever increasing percentage of obesity and those suffering from avoidable / reversible chronic health conditions.

We take the approach to get people moving first as counseling and education are easily provided during the exercise sessions.  Our primary exercise intervention during each session is progressive resistance exercise which is easily performed and provides the greatest exercise health value.  It is the only type of exercise that has the ability to address all health problems - from weight loss and diabetes to neck / back pain and osteoporosis as well as improving mental health..

The difference we provide is that the program instructor is a licensed health professional.  Think personal training provided by a doctor!  We are currently providing this service in our Nashville, TN office with interventions available to the general public and targeted free services to those in need.  Our program service fees provide adequate funding for office space and adminstrative costs, so 100% of your donation amount goes directly to fund services at no charge for those in need.

Individuals your donation will help

  • Teens who are struggling with obesity, body image issues, and mental health
  • Older individuals who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis
  • Lower income adults who will benefit from our program

 In general, those in need are usually referred from an MD's office, other health professional, or workplace.  These entities usually have the ability to recognize those most in need of help, however, we will not turn away individuals who have not been referred.

 Planned project - Community Based Program

We would like to move our office based model out into the community in order to reach more people as well as to create an easier transition for clients to be able to continue learned interventions on their own.  This is planned for mid-year 2022 if adequate funding can be raised.  The intention is for this initiative to serve as a model for communities and insurance companies for further development.  We feel that community health can be improved greatly by simply providing free access to a health professional for wellness purposes at their local community wellness or senior center.

Our goal is to raise $165,000 for this community based program with all proceeds covering the cost of a licensed healthcare provider, insurance, educational materials, program administration and research costs.  We intend to collect pre and post health data but our primary goal is to create habit and lifestyle change with effectiveness measured by patient questionnaires. We intend to publish results of our program in health journals as well as to provide this information to governments and insurance companies to ensure future funding for this needed service.

Donation information

Donations are accepted using Preventive Health Initiative's Paypal link.  All donation transactions are secure.  We maintain full financial disclosure, with IRS non-profit tax filings available for review.

Our organization was initially formed in 2012 with IRS 501(c)(3) status obtained in 2013.  This IRS non-profit status means that your donation is 100% tax deductible.  Your credit card receipt or cancelled check may serve as receipt of donation but we can also supply an official donation receipt for tax purposes.  A check or other donation may be sent to our physical address: 2933 Berry Hill Dr, #A, Nashville, TN 37204.

We appreciate your support.  Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail if more information is needed before donation consideration.


Please Support Us


• 100% tax deductible
• 100% of your donation supports direct client care  


Our Mission

Our goal is to Improve community health by:

  • offering innovative programming
  • creating sustainable, effective models for wellness
  • emphasizing the importance of prevention