There is a better way to get where you would like be with your health and it does not start with a pill, herbal supplement, tv advertisement, or invasive medical treatment. At this point, it should be clear that our current healthcare system is based upon treating symptoms which has extended patient lifespan, but at what cost?  The majority of people in the United States will spend their last 15 to 20 years or more in poor health. Over two thirds are overweight or obese which leads to chronic health diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, back pain, and many other chronic conditions.

Many primary care physicians do counsel patients concerning the need to lose weight or to exercise more, but most people just do not know where to start and the primary care physician is ill equipped to provide the needed support, education, planning, and guidance to truly help you become healthy.  Insurance companies have yet to provide the financial reimbursement needed to create a better healthcare system but our intention is to push the current system in the right direction. Preventive Health Initiative was created to help facilitate a change to a healthcare system in which the first priority is to help you develop a healthier lifestyle instead of the current method of providing prescription medication for each new chronic condition you develop.

We believe that with a few simple daily habit changes, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the reliance on prescription medication. Chronic health conditions only treated with prescription medication or herbal supplements lead to premature health decline and a horrible quality of life.  Our services are based upon finding the best solution for your individual situation. We take into account your work hours, commute time, family life, and other variables that can make it more difficult to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We provide the education, time management, planning, guidance, and support needed to truly become healthy.

We focus on in-person, one on one interventions in order to provide the best outcomes.  We have found that by providing active interventions with a health professional, such as clinical resistance exercise, there is ample time for counseling, education, and listening to a client's concerns.  Our services are always provided with an eye towards optimum health with areas of focus listed below.

Preventive Health Focus Areas

Adult Preventive Health
At-Risk Youth
Healthy Aging




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We provide a complete preventive health wellness solution to help clients reach their goals.


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