Avoiding chronic health conditions and maintaining strength, function and mobility are major goals for healthy aging.

As we grow older, muscle strength begins to diminish by our thirties. Physically inactive people can lose between 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after age 30.  Even if you are physically active, you will still experience some degree of muscle loss.  This loss of muscle mass decreases both strength and mobility as well as making it harder to maintain a healthy weight.  Loss of muscle mass increases at an even faster rate somewhere between age 65 and 80 increasing the likelihood of falls and fractures in older adults.

The medical profession has come to realize that there is simply no substitute for progressive resistance exercise to combat loss of strength and bone density.  In addition, it helps to increase lean muscle mass which makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight as well as improving overall health. Progressive resistance exercise is simply increasing the amount of weight you can push or pull over time which gradually increases strength and lean muscle mass.  It's interesting to note that hospitals even include progressive resistance exercise in their cardiac rehab programs (after a patient has suffered a heart attack or stroke), to help strengthen and provide increased vascularity to the heart.  We say - WHY WAIT!?

An additional healthy aging intervention includes how to properly utilize cardiovascular exercise.  Many older adults have all types of musculoskeletal problems, from bad knees & shoulders to painful necks and low backs.  This is why we utilize a health professional with many years of experience to provide health interventions.  There are many workarounds and partial movements that anyone can do and these interventions will also help decrease aches and arthritic pains.  Simply taking a stroll around the block every day is not enough.   - OUR APPROACH


Some supporting research studies are listed below:

Progressive resistance strength training for improving physical function in older adults



Resistance Exercise Training as a Primary Countermeasure to Age-Related Chronic Disease



Effectiveness of muscle strengthening and description of protocols for preventing falls in the elderly: A systematic review


Mobility & Bone Density Support


• Maintain & improve strength and mobility
• Fight osteoporosis without drugs


Spinal Support - A Different Approach


• Move beyond simply treating symptoms
• Increase nutrient & blood flow to spinal discs
• Strengthen neck & back for optimal spinal health


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