Focus on Prevention

Preventive Health Initiative is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) community health organization based in Nashville, TN.  Our founders are health professionals who during many years of primary care, have witnessed an ever increasing trend toward chronic health conditions such as diabetes and obesity.   Despite an intensive nationwide focus on general health education, we continue to witness ever increasing numbers of patients in poor health.  We saw the need for an alternative, first option solution to find the root cause of poor health instead of simply treating symptoms with prescription medication.

Most causes of poor health can be traced to detrimental lifestyle habits such as a bad diet, lack of exercise, minimal diet/exercise education, poor time management skills, and lack of personal accountability.  We provide the education and support needed to develop good lifestyle habits, which will lead to better ongoing health for a lifetime.

Our solutions are primarily individually provided and tailored to each person as each of us is different and will require various levels of support and education in order to reach personal goals.  Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate a better way forward for our healthcare system, by proving effectiveness and cost savings.  To us, it makes much more sense to attempt to change the cause of the health symptom versus simply treating the symptom with medication.  For example, type II diabetes is directly related to being overweight and lack of exercise.  Shouldn't our healthcare system be more focused on the cause?  Instead, our current system treats chronic health issues with minimal counseling and prescription medication that will need to be taken for a lifetime with ever decreasing health.  Our mission is to move the focus of our current healthcare system towards prevention and treatment of the cause of poor health.