Busy schedules and lack of planning lead to poor dietary choices and never starting that idealized exercise routine.

Lack of time is by far the most common excuse for not making health a priority. We certainly understand the time constraints of a busy work schedule, long commute times, and family needs but at some point, your health must become a priority as well. If no time can be found now for more attention to your activity level or diet, it's a certainty that you will need plenty of time in the future for doctor's visits and attending to poor health. For those who have children, it's important to remember that parents are the primary role models the children look up to and aspire to be like. If parents give little attention to health, the kids will likely follow the same path as they get older.

Our program helps you overcome barriers to becoming healthy. Specifically, this program addresses the following:

- Time management
- Dietary misconceptions
- Exercise misconceptions
- Proper planning
- Long term support
- Specific, guided interventions
- The need for slow, gradual change
- Understanding that better habits can take a year or longer to solidify
- Attitude change toward healthier living
- Science based diet and exercise education
- Learning to be skeptical of easy, fast solutions
- Learning that health is for a lifetime
- Learning that effective interventions take less time than you think
- Learning that daily habits are key

The program is administered by health professionals. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.