Our goal is to provide the most effective, efficient solutions possible based upon your schedule.  Limited time for exercise is a primary client complaint and one that we take very seriously.  Our focus is to keep exercise simple, with emphasis on education and planning to ensure success.  In addition, while we will support you for as long as needed, we don't intend to make you dependent upon receiving personal exercise instruction.  The intention is to help you learn how to maintain an individual exercise routine for life.  Personal resistance exercise instruction is provided in office at our Berry Hill location in Nashville, TN.


Benefits of Exercise

Cardiovascular & Cellular Health

• Prevents heart disease

• Maintains healthy lungs

• Prevents arterial plaque and varicose veins

• Maintains healthy blood pressure & cholesterol

• Prevents diabetes

• Reduces cancer risk

• Reduces fatigue

• Reduces prescription medication use

• Enhances body organ health

Musculoskeletal Health

• Prevents back pain

• Prevents neck pain

• Protects joint health

• Supports weight loss

• Prevents arthritis

• Maintains strength & balance

• Look years younger / healthy appearance

• Decrease Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Aleve use

• Prevents osteoporosis

Mental Health

• Prevents depression

• Helps to prevent dementia

• Reduces Alzheimers risk

• Aids memory

• Enhances brain health

• Maintains good blood flow to brain

• Can be effective in reducing bipolar symptoms

• Enhances mood / sense of well being

• Enhances ability to learn