prev doubleThese preventive services are provided by Christopher May RN DC.  TN Chiropractic license #2238; TN Registered Nurse license #191977

Spinal conditioning is a preventive care service that helps prevent:

  • disc degeneration
  • sprains / strains
  • spine bone spurs
  • arthritis
  • disc pathology
  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • hip / pelvis pain

1 to 4x per month care is strongly suggested for the best results.  If you have already experienced spinal degeneration or other pathology, this treatment can prevent your issues from getting worse and may be able to improve your condition over time.

Spinal conditioning treatment includes:

  • intersegmental and manual traction of vertebral joints
  • range of motion therapy for each spinal joint
  • sacroiliac and hip region manual therapy
  • soft tissue manual therapy to include stretching / mobilization
  • full spine stretching
  • full spine percussion massage
  • e-stim and/or ultrasound therapy based on need

This treatment ensures full range of motion of each spinal joint, hydrates the spinal joints and discs, stretches and loosens surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and generally improves blood and spinal fluid flow in order to maintain a healthy spine.


Spinal strengthening is a preventive care service.  Active strengthening exercise is the #1 rated, medically proven intervention for spinal health.  Not only is this the best treatment for any current issues, it will also prevent degeneration and pain from occurring.  This is a service that you can either receive on an ongoing basis in this office or use the initial sessions to learn how to properly strengthen your spine at your local gym or home.  This intervention, if performed on a regular basis, will help prevent (and treat), almost all degenerative spinal issues. 

Weak muscles and weak supporting soft tissues cause greater stress on the spinal joints which over time will cause disc degeneration, bone spurs, sprains/strains, arthritis, disc pathology, neck and back pain, hip/pelvis pain, nerve impingement, headaches, and literally everything else musculoskeletal related to your spine.

Recommended frequency of care:

2 to 3x per week care is strongly suggested for the best results.  

Spinal strengthening treatment includes:

  • neck / cervical spine strengthening
  • mid back / thoracic spine strengthening
  • low back / lumbar spine strengthening
  • pelvis / hip strengthening
  • shoulder region / upper back strengthening

Resistance exercise interventions are provided to not only strengthen muscles but also the ligaments and tendons that support the vertebral spinal joints.  These movements enhance blood flow to tissues that will help maintain elasticity, strength, blood flow, and function.


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