We all have different work schedules, health issues, and lifestyle needs.  We are only able to help by understanding you as an individual, taking into account every aspect of your daily life in order to develop and implement the best plan forward for you.   We are careful not to set difficult to attain goals, but rather emphasize daily habit changes based upon your specific lifestyle.  It is important to understand that by developing healthy habits, the causes of poor health can be eliminated, enabling you to achieve all goals and to live a truly healthy life.  

We also understand that your level of knowledge may be very different in some areas versus others.  For example, some may be very knowledgeable about nutrition, but don't understand how to implement a resistance exercise program in order to reduce back pain and prescription medication use.  Others may feel additional dietary planning would be beneficial to reach weight loss goals.  In addition, at some point in life, an individual may be diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes and would like to steer clear of lifelong prescription medication use for these conditions.  Regardless of your needs and goals, we can help!

Program Outline

Our program outline is provided below to give you an idea what to expect.  Remember that Step 2, Plan and Implement, is entirely based upon your needs and will vary.

1. Identify Issues

• Physical exam

• Current health issues

• Diet & exercise examination

• Time management & lifestyle barriers

• Identify any additional issues

Your initial office visit will be from 1 to 2 hours in duration and will include the planning phase of your individualized wellness care.

2. Plan & Implement

• Time Management & Habit planning

• Diet & Exercise planning

• Counseling & Education

• Exercise Education / Instruction Option

• Stress Management

A written, individualized plan will be created based upon small, easily implemented habit changes that can be effortlessly incorporated into your schedule.

3. Ongoing Support

• Follow-up office consultations

• E-mail & telephone support

• Personal exercise instruction as long as needed

• Education as needed

• Lifetime health & wellness guidance

Our organization was created to provide you with a single, wellness resource to support healthy living for a lifetime.