The medical establishment works as a referral system. For example, your primary care physician acts as your medical gatekeeper and when an issue arises such as a stomach ailment, you are then referred to a gastroenterologist. The same scenario occurs for a herniated disc where you will then be referred to a Neurologist. Unfortunately, there is no “health doctor” to be referred to or a “medical personal trainer”. In the current system, when you are diagnosed as overweight / obese, or faced with a new diagnosis of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, or other abnormal lab values, you are expected to manage on your own following 10-15 minutes of counseling! ....and if you can't manage to bring your lab values back to normal, you are faced with taking prescription medication for the rest of your life as your health slowly declines. It’s important to note, that medication does not make anyone healthy, it just hopefully reduces the chance for a stroke, heart attack, or symptom usually related to poor lifestyle. These issues lead to preventable and reversible chronic diseases that inevitably result in cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and cancers and consume the vast majority of healthcare spending.

For those who can afford it, there are preventive health resources available such as personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, counselors, etc.  We feel all of these interventions can be combined and resourced from a single health professional who specializes in preventive health.  The professionals who are best able to provide these combination interventions are Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.  These professionals have many years of health education, a wellness mindset and have a musculoskeletal focus, which is extremely important for developing exercise interventions based on individual needs. We feel Chiropractic physicians are uniquely qualified as they exist outside of the standard medical system which is a huge advantage.  If our hospital based medical system truly intended to focus on preventive health, they would have already done it.  Unfortunately there is a huge profit motive to continue with a standard diagnose and treat system with primary tools of prescription medication and surgery.  It's no surprise that most standard medical prevention is based on screening for health issues that can then be treated with prescription medications or other invasive treatments.

Our model is to provide access to a “medical personal trainer” who not only has many years of health education, professional licensure, and years of direct patient care, but who also has many years of personal exercise experience and knowledge. This combination provides a complete wellness intervention for clients.  Our goal is to not only provide this intervention, but to also collect program data to share with other communities throughout the United States in the hopes that similar programs can be developed.  We feel this is truly the "missing link" in our current healthcare system.

How we help


We provide a complete preventive health wellness solution to help clients reach their goals.