Dr.Christopher May is a licensed Chiropractic Physician & licensed Registered Nurse with over 20 years of direct patient care and over 30 years of resistance and cardiovascular exercise experience.  He provides all client exercise training, counseling and health education.

TN Chiropractic license #2238
FL Chiropractic license #8345
TN Multistate Registered Nurse license #191977


Statement from Dr. May

Our healthcare system is in the early stages of major changes that are needed to reign in spiraling healthcare costs. We simply cannot afford business as usual. On the other hand, we do face challenges concerning the integration of preventive health solutions into the current healthcare model. Health insurance companies and employers currently provide limited reimbursement for true individual preventive care services that address lifestyle habit change including diet and exercise. To date, most solutions have focused on providing mass media education, discounted gym memberships, discounted fruit & vegetable purchases, weight loss challenges, and wearable devices that track body movement or steps taken. Despite these interventions, obesity and chronic health conditions continue to increase. The main problem that our health professionals have identified is that most patients have been misled and confused by commercial advertising, peer opinions, and the perception that health attainment is too difficult. Healthcare professional guidance is increasingly necessary to combat the tide of misinformation. Incorporating a new individual based approach to address these issues must overcome initial cost barriers that are necessary to enable overall healthcare cost reduction. Physicians on the front line of patient care know all too well that an additional level of support is necessary. I have personally witnessed many patients who enter the office with chronic back or neck pain that would be optimally treated by weight loss, resistance exercise, and habit change to address the root cause of the pain. I can counsel the patient concerning what needs to be done, but unfortunately due to lack of ongoing education, guidance, and support, few take the steps needed to address the cause of the problem. This is hugely frustrating to providers who must continually provide symptom based care to patients who suffer from reversible/curable conditions.