A Different Approach

When you have back or neck pain, you typically:

  • Take aspirin, ibuprofen, tylenol, etc.
  • See your primary care MD who prescribes prescription pain medication, muscle relaxers, or steroids
  • See an Acupuncurist who places needles in your body to attempt to block pain
  • Use back braces, etc.
  • Use analgesic cremes such as icyhot, biofreeze, bengay, etc.
  • Search for another pillow or bed

Which ones from the above list actually increase the health of your spine?  NONE of them!  Chiropractic and massage may provide some value as blood flow is increased to connective tissues and joints, but these are still passive therapies.  They are not enough to provide for a healthy spine. 

Unfortunately, health insurance only provides coverage for some of the above - symptom relief, no preventive care!  If you take the standard path and give no thought to the health of your body and spine, you are guaranteed to have increasing aches & pains, arthritis, disc issues, and progressive spinal degeneration as you get older.

Preventive Health provides personal strength training for back, neck, and joint issues provided by a licensed health professional.  Education and counseling are provided during the activity.  This provides an opportunity to discuss habit and lifestyle change as well, which is one of our main focus areas.  You will learn and perform exercises specific to your problem, but in addition will learn how to strengthen your entire spine in order to prevent future problems.  Our goal is to help you learn how to maintain these interventions for a lifetime.

We understand some people may have knee, shoulder and other joint problems which can affect the performance of some exercises, however, we will provide workarounds such as partial range of motion movements and other alternatives.  No matter your situation, we will do our best to help. 

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