Most people fail to reach their weight loss goals simply because they don't understand the science behind weight loss.  Many are misled by advertisers promising quick fixes that don't work or work only for a short time, further contributing to frustration and misinformation.  Preventive Health focuses on the core science behind sustainable weight loss where increasing metabolism and reaching the proper hormone balance is key.  The basic components of weight loss are the same interventions required in order to maximize your health:

  • Eating nutrient dense foods in the right amounts
  • Getting adequate sleep & minimizing stress
  • Proper exercise

We provide counseling concerning all of these factors, but being realistic, most people know what they need to do, but find it difficult to put a plan in action.  For this reason, Preventive Health has decided to concentrate on providing a one on one clinical resistance exercise program.  Resistance exercise builds and maintains muscle while burning fat which increases your metabolism over time.  Resistance exercise further contributes to increasing growth hormone release which is the main growth and cellular repair hormone of the body.  In contrast, cortisol is considered a stress hormone, and while it is important for body functions, most people produce excess amounts due to poor lifestyle and stress leading to detrimental body changes such as weight gain and increased insulin resistance.

In addition, with one on one resistance exercise instruction and training with a health professional, there is ample time for counseling, education, discussion of lifestyle habits and addressing client concerns during the intervention.  If simple counseling and education were effective, more than two thirds of Americans wouldn't be overweight.  Once again, people know what they need to do, but somehow find it difficult to put a plan in motion.  Let's get to work creating better habits and positive lifestyle changes simply by showing up to your appointments.  Clinical resistance exercise is likely the missing factor that has kept you from being successful in the past.  Once you know what to do and how to do it, you will be better able to continue on your own either at home or a local gym facility although clients may continue with this program indefinitely in our Berry Hill office.

This intervention may also be used to support your existing weight loss program.  Many people are already receiving professional dietary advice and counseling from a Nutritionist, MD, Psychologist, or other professional.  Resistance exercise is actually really simple and in many cases, you don't even have to break a sweat!.  Our program is one on one in a private office and provided by a health professional.  You may bring a partner or friend to also participate in this intervention if preferred. 

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