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True Preventive Health Resources Focus   

Preventive Health Initiative is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) community health organization based in Nashville, Tennessee. We were founded in July, 2012 by healthcare professionals who after many years of private practice, saw a glaring need in the community for true preventive health education and in-person resources. While identify & treat, such as diabetes and high blood pressure screening followed by treatment with medication is necessary, it does not address the health needs of the public to prevent avoidable chronic health conditions.  

Focus Areas   

A/V Education Developent 

Freely available audiovisual preventive health education to support public health.

Health System Change Advocacy 

In-person resources framework development backed by  education and media.  


Preventive Health Initiative's efforts are dedicated to one goal - helping people get healthy. Our approach is to tackle preventive health from many directions.


✅  By advocating for a true in-person preventive health resource to aid primary care physicians helping to ensure optimal health for patients.

✅  Providing medical and research based exercise and nutrition guidance through freely available, internet based, audio visual content. 

✅  Developing better health education content for students. By the time students graduate from high school, they should know how to rehabilitate musculoskeletal issues on their own, understand the easiest, yet most effective, science based way to maintain a normal weight, and understand nutrition / cellular health from a scientific & medical perspective. 

✅  Providing public health exercise and nutrition educational messaging. For the best chance of success, people need constant reinforcement of the need for full body health maintenance on a daily basis. 

✅  Working with health insurance companies, governments, and employers to assist in the deployment of our preventive health framework.

Meet Our Director 

Dr. Christopher May 

Dr. May has over 24 years of experience as a Chiropractic Physician and Registered Nurse.  He has worked in both private practice and hospital settings.  One of the original founders of Preventive Health Initiative, he has served as Director for over 12 years and currently develops A/V preventive health education as well as advocating for true preventive health resources.                

preventive health director
preventive health resource focus

Fundraising Effort   

Until recently, Preventive Health Initiative has operated almost entirely through our founders volunteering time, money, and great effort to ensure success for this organization.  An example is this website, which was developed by our Director!  

We are now entering a period of time where our ability to fundraise is vital to our ongoing efforts.  Our preventive health educational videos to support primary care and the general public take considerable time and effort to complete.  In addition. our ability to make contacts with insurance companies, federal, state, and local government, and employers to establish our preventive health framework is dependent on the support we receive from you.  We are dedicated to seeing our mission through and hope that you can help with this great initiative!