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    2023 - present
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    United States
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    Healthcare System

Advocating for Healthcare System Change

With your help, in the next few years, patients all across the country will realize access to a true preventive health resource. Gone will be the days of primary care physician lectures to lose weight and eat better without receiving any further support!

At this point, it should be clear to everyone that current healthcare system prevention efforts and primary care physician counseling have not worked. Chronic health conditions and obesity continue to rise, with poor health becoming a serious danger to the continuing viability of our healthcare system. Preventive Health Initiative has created a new way forward in the hopes of saving our healthcare system by realizing better health for everyone.

Innovative Preventive Health Framework Development

Preventive Health Initiative has created a true preventive health framework that will exist in parallel with our current system. This preventive health framework can be accomplished by providing 5 main interventions:

✅  A cost effective in-person preventive health resource for patients

✅  Online health educational resources to reinforce in-person interventions.

✅  TV, Radio, and online health educational advertisements with a focus on the necessity of body and health maintenance.

✅  Audio visual preventive health education for kids in middle school and high school.

✅  Insurance company incentives.

Groundbreaking New In-Person Preventive Health Resource

This novel preventive health resource for patients provided by a licensed, wellness-oriented health professional will exist in parallel with the standard medical system. This desperately needed resource will work to support primary care physicians in returning patients to health by providing a referral resource for patients encountering acute and chronic health issues.

Full Medical & Science Based Online Educational Support

Following in-person consultations and exercise educational training sessions, it is easy for a patient to forget what was taught. This critical resource will support in-person interventions and be freely available to all. We intend to provide a significant volume of preventive health content through our education project to be freely available to all.

Reinforcement Necessary for Success

The third major leg of support for patients will be health maintenance reminders and inspirational support provided through all forms of media. In a time of misleading advertisements, health gadget promotions, and constant supplement / herbal ads full of misinformation, it is of upmost importance that patients receive constant reinforcement for doing things the right way to prevent being led astray as well as to understand the importantance of consistent health maintenance through exercise, diet, sleep, and other modifiable factors.

Critical Support for Children & Teens

Kids need the right health information early in life for the most optimal health trajectory. The current inadequacy of our children's health education is a blight on our nation, yet one that is easily corrected. We intend to make a significant amount of preventive health content directly aimed at middle and high school students in order to give students the best chance to have a healthy life.

Health Insurance Incentives

When patients succeed with health goals, it provides massive cost savings for all of us. Lower insurance premiums will be easily realized as our population becomes healthier.

Who Will This Benefit?   

EVERYONE!  A few benefits include:

Better Health
Cost Savings
Less Back & Neck Pain
Decreased Disability
Improved Mental Health
Vitality & Better Function
Healthy Kids
Quality of Life
healthcare money savings
group happy for better health

Please contact us for further project & framework details. A more detailed preventive health framework has been developed and is available for viewing for all supporters. Please help support this effort if you can.