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Our preventive health initiatives will help you, your family, friends, and co-workers directly 

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Most donations that people give will never directly affect them and that's not why they give of course, but a donation to Preventive Health Initiative will not only help others, but this is one donation that will likely help you, your family, and friends!

Our preventive health framework includes many initiatives that will affect everyone

✅  Preventive health audio-visual online education - Taught from a medical point of view, this freely available content will support primary care patients and the general public.

✅   In-person preventive health resource with a health professional - This benefit may very well be the missing link in our healthcare system.

✅   Public preventive health messaging - We should be seeing constant reminders of the importance of health maintenance on a daily basis.

✅   Better exercise and instructional health content for middle and high school students - This initiative is sorely needed as current interventions are outdated.

✅  Much more educational content is planned!  Future endeavors include better substance abuse education for adolescents and mental health focused material

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Check back often to see how our work progresses! We are excited to have recently completed a comprehensive, medically based exercise instructional video for strength training using resistance exercise bands which can currently be viewed on YouTube and this website.

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No donated money is used for administration and overhead costs. Every penny goes directly for preventive health initiatives.

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